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Furniture For Mental Health Care Facilities


Cranium creates tried and tested products with a dedicated team whose expertise aim to add real value and solutions to some of the most challenging domains.


Not just furniture! We have an uncompromising approach when It comes to our research, development and production of specialized goods.


Always ready to help. With a team that works around the clock to ensure your facility functions at its finest.

About us

Cranium Products are built to last!

Cranium Medical Products supply and manufacture a wide range of products aimed at Mental Healthcare facilities and Correctional facilities.
The perfect blend between strength, style and ergonomics makes for products that will last, even in the toughest environments. Careful consideration is taken into account to ensure the safety and wellbeing of patients and caregivers.

Our products are not only designed to be waterproof, chemical resistant and durable, but also to give a warm, welcoming and comfortable appearance that is aesthetically appealing. With a variety of colour options, our products will complement any facility.

We offer turn-key solutions

Cranium Medical Products are at the leading edge of providing solutions to some of the toughest environments.

  • Recreational
  • Inmate cells
  • Patient wards
  • Seclusion wards
  • Medical wards
  • In/out patients
  • Dining areas
  • Observation rooms
  • Highly secured rooms
  • Bathrooms

Product Features

Flame Retardent

Our products are tested to slow, stop the spread of fire and reduce its intensity.

Impact Resistant​

Simple and chemical resistant, our products’ seamless surfaces ensure cleaning isn’t a burden and can be done in no time.


Using specialized and tamperproof fasteners, furniture is fixed and secured in your facility.

Can Be Weighted

Can be filled with sand to increase product weight with a tamperproof sealed bottom.

Tamper Proof

Anti-pick and tamper proof design allow for products that are extremely tough and difficult to meddle with.


Domed and rounded edges to protect patients and caregivers.

Ligature Resistant

Limiting the possibility of personal harm by hampering the attachment of a material to a fixture.

Durable / UV stablised

Designed and built to withstand even the toughest environments.


Impervious to liquids, our seamless products do not absorb water and are rust-free.

Intensive-Use Furniture for Healthcare Enviroments

Our team

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Cranium Medical Products
Cranium Medical Products
Cranium Medical Products
Cranium Medical Products
Cranium Medical Products
Cranium Medical Products
Cranium Medical Products
Cranium Medical Products

Safety of Patients and Caregivers

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