• mindfully curated hospital furniture for optimal healing

    We focus on merging our professional expertise and years of industry knowledge with a nurturance and empathy that sees the human behind the patient

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  • furnishing the journey to recovery

    Our mental health beds are strong, durable and curated with hidden hardware to prioritize patient well-being.

    The soft curves and smooth edges on our ranges of furniture promote tranquility and help to create simple healing environments where your patients can thrive.

    enhance your care space
  • curated by experts, crafted for comfort

    Secure furniture solutions for challenging environments.

    Our medical chairs, mental health furniture and behavioral healthcare furniture prioritize safety, durability, and comfort.

    We offer anti-ligature furniture and abuse-resistant furniture for high-security needs, including psychological and drug rehabilitation centers.


Our Products

Our furniture is meticulously designed for mental health units, hospitals, and other care settings - and each piece is 100% recyclable.
Built for Safety & Well-being: Smooth edges, concealed hardware, and robust construction prioritize patient safety and promote a sense of calm.

Durability You Can Trust: We create furniture built to last, ensuring long-term value and a supportive environment for patients and caregivers.
Clinically molded to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, without compromising on aesthetics.
Smooth-edged tables that are aesthetically pleasing, while promoting a sense of relaxation and comfort.
Many of our chairs have been molded with a sleek silhouette and gentle curves, designed for both style and practicality.
Our Rotomoulded Tables can be used in waiting rooms and patient rooms to create a laid back ambiance.
We manufacture and supply a wide range of convex mirrors to ensure patients are constantly under your care and guidance.
Our bedroom products have been expertly curated to foster deep rest, restoration and rehabilitation, all whilst ensuring safety and security.
Mindfully designed, heartfully delivered


Our Awards

South African Small Business Awards 2023: Top 10 Small Business Award

Our Awards

South African Small Business Awards 2023: Top 10 Small Business Award

South African-curated furniture for health care, mental health, and rehabilitation centres.

Helping your clients find healing in the simplicity
At Cranium, we create furniture that is mindfully designed to transform challenging environments into spaces that are conducive to healing.

By taking the time to listen and truly understand what matters to you, we can match your requirements with the perfect products. Every detail is meticulously designed to ensure peace of mind, safety, and a sense of nurturance.
Through innovative designs, we aspire to transform clinical spaces into environments that facilitate healing and comfort.
We focus on the human behind the patient and ensure that the needs and well-being of both caregivers and patients are prioritized through our designs.
We believe that minor elements can significantly impact the overall effectiveness and perception of our products - every small thing is a big thing to us.



Violence and aggression are common in psychiatric units, posing risks to patients, staff, and visitors. Creating environments that reduce violent behavior by preserving dignity and giving patients control is essential.


Our furniture is sealed to enhance hygiene and cleanliness. After operations, fluid can seep through stitch-lines and soak cushions and upholsteries. For seating and tables, water-resistant vinyl upholstery can provide protection ensuring that your furniture ages gracefully.


Smooth edges and curved lines are our top priority. Hanging or strangulation accounts for about 75% of suicides in psychiatric care, which is why we are focused on reducing ligature risks.

What our Previous Clients have to Say

"The bespoke design and manufactured mattresses donated by Cranium have been utilized in the Carte Blanche Trust’s Tygerberg Hospital: Neonatal and Paediatric Cardiothoracic and Isolation Unit projects.” "
Karolina Andropoulos, from Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust
"Within the KZN province we have advocated for facilities to utilise the Cranium Mental Health Products and we have been using them under national contract. It is fabulous to note that the cranium furniture is specifically designed to ensure safety in mental health units. The fixed furniture and design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but ensures that mental health care users cannot harm themselves and others with furniture, and are treated in an environment that maintains dignity and human rights. Excellent service has been received by the company with regards to ensuring that the products are properly and effectively set up in the facilities."
K. Ruthanum, Deputy Director from Mental Health and Substance Abuse
"Cranium Medical Products were perfect for Weskoppies Hospital and they assisted us well when the challenge for suitable furniture arose. Weskoppies Hospital recommends Cranium Medical Products for whichever supplies your department or institution is searching for."
Ms P B Schoonwinkel, Chief Executive Officer from Weskoppies Hospital

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Reuleaux Coffee Table

Smooth-edged coffee tables that are aesthetically pleasing, while promoting a sense of relaxation.

Mental Health Bed

Strong, durable and curated with hidden hardware to prioritize patient well-being.

Taper Dining Chair

Molded with a sleek silhouette and gentle curves, designed for both style and practicality.

Lounging Chair

A supportive design with smooth curves and concealed hardware, promoting tranquility and patient safety.
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